What Is VeriTime Time Tracker?

VeriTime is a time tracking application that runs on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is fully self contained and can even be placed in a USB stick thus making it portable. All the files it needs all reside in the same folder where it is installed.

Tracking one’s time spent on tasks is a good way of measuring productivity. VeriTime enables you to track time spent on a task or several tasks. It also allows you to pause the timer in those instances where you may have to take a brief break (not long enough to actually stop). The tasks that you want to track the time for are presented in a grid which makes it easy to see which are active and not.

Here is a screen shot of VeriTime’s main window:

The tasks can be flagged as billable which makes VeriTime useful for contractors, freelancers, virtual assistants, etc.

Aside from tracking time you can also record expenses that one incurs when working on a task. Personal expenses can be recorded as well.

It might be light on features unlike other time tracking applications because I want it to focus on tracking task times well. Who knows, maybe from feedback received additional features may be added.

You can download a trial version of VeriTime to see for yourself and decide whether or not it is for you.
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